Company Overview

With five decades of experience in ICI construction, residential construction, and project management, JC Group Inc. has earned a solid reputation for quality, service, and value – three ingredients which form the cornerstone of our reputation and business.

Our in-house expertise in providing turn-keyed projects, with commercial, industrial, and residential construction has made our name synonymous with Quality Construction throughout Southern Ontario.

Our History

Since 1960, JC Group has been providing extensive knowledge and experience in property and project management to help you solve those new location indecision. Consider all the benefits of using our expertise in development, design and construction to enhance your position in the retail, commercial, and professional market place.
General Contracting is the conventional method of constructing a client’s required real estate improvement; whether it be a base building, renovation, addition or interior improvement; or utilizing a detailed set of plans and specifications as prepared by a third party consultant.
Since 1960 we have been involved in this bidding and construction process, giving us the opportunity to construct for many local, national and international clients.
JC Group Inc. is always looking for the opportunity to develop new and prestigious Properties. We continue to diversify to meet the ever-changing needs of tomorrow’s Markets.



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